Nikola Jokic 27 Points Full Highlights (12/22/2017)

Nikola Jokic walked into the locker room early, just as he did every road game. He found that the spartan accommodations of the visitor’s lockers got him into the right frame of mind better than anything. He saw the locker hastily marked “Jokic” and walked over, preparing his playlist of his favorite Borislav Mitic songs, before noticing a small folded up piece of paper on the seat. With a sense of foreboding he grabbed it, opened it up, and began to read:

“Dear Nikola,

Me and the guys have been talk with each other, and we have decide as team that we don’t want you to play for us anymore. You are ball hog, is first problem. There are other problems as well, and it really pain us to say it, but the main one is that you smell really bad and should go back to Serbia where all people smell like you. Then you will maybe have friends again, because you do not have friend on this team.

Coach Malone agrees with our assessment of situation. He like Mason Plumlee better as center for Nuggets, but what he really wish is that Jusuf Nurkic was still on team. He say “now there was a center with balls!”, and I think that is true. You are soft player, Nikola. We need to go forward as a team with no weak links.

We drew straws, and I was chosen to tell you these informations. I am glad to, however. I always want to tell my real feelings, but because of team unity I do not. I agree with all above, and also wish to add that your lack of dunk ability is very amusing to me. We wish you the best in your endeavors of future, and hope that your country is not disappointed too much when they see you return home a loser.

With all sincerity,
Malik Beasley”

Jokic folded up the letter, went over to the trash can, and threw it in. As he did so, a large red-clad figure tumbled out from his hiding place behind the receptacle. Wordlessly, without even looking at Jokic, Jusuf Nurkic stood up and began walking briskly for the exit.

“Jusuf, I know you wrote this!” Jokic yelled after him. “It doesn’t have to be like this, Jusuf!”

But Nurkic was gone. Jokic stared at the exit as the other Nuggets now began filtering in. Malik Beasley noticed his blank eyes, and went over to him.

“Yo, Niko, you okay? You look like you seen a ghost or something. And was that Nurkic I saw walking out of here? You guys havin’ a chat?”

Jokic looked at his widely smiling teammate, hesitated, then went over to his locker and sat down, head in his hands.

“Do not talk to me about Jusuf Nurkic.”

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