Ben Simmons 21 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (12/31/2017)

Ben Simmons needs to get back to regularly having 10 assist games/triple-doubles if he wants to guarantee his ROTY of the year trophy. As proven last year with the MVP voting, voters are easily swayed by arbitrary statistical accolades. 10-assist games and triple-doubles are simply compelling in a way that averaging a flat 20/3/3 isn’t.

To help Simmons achieve his goal, which should be higher on his list of priorities than winning games for his team, I have created a list of steps he most follow:

1. Watch lots of Westbrook game tape to pick up stat-padding strategies
2. Pass it to the following players for free assists: Redick, Embiid, Covington, Saric (if he’s hot). Do not pass it to the following players because you will not get assists: Amir Johnson, T.J. McConnell, Brett Brown
3. Keep in mind that they won’t retroactively give you the ROTY of the year trophy just because you became MVP in your third season
4. Do not attempt a field goal until you get five assists
5. Bribe scorekeepers with large amounts of cold hard American dollars (they do not accept Australian dollars)

If Simmons follows the steps I have outlined for him, he should have no problem beating out Donovan Mitchell for the ROTY of the year award unless Mitchell starts averaging 30 PPG.

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