Evan Turner 22 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (1/1/2018)

Evan Turner is getting paid SO MUCH MONEY. Holy damn. Blazers fans are already acutely aware of this fact, and maybe everyone else is as well, but I’m still surprised every time I look at Portland’s cap situation. What were they thinking with that? He was fine in Boston, maybe edging towards “good”, but did they really think he’d take another step once he came to them and start playing like an 18-million dollar man?

He’s not too much worse than he was in Boston, but I think he calls his own number even less now. Tonight was a strange sight to see: Turner coming out aggressive, taking and making swaggy midrange jumpers like he was the only on the court. So much for being a point-forward.

He cooled off eventually and started passing a bit, ending up with 22 and 6 on the night. His second-best scoring game with the Blazers, and only his third above 20. Man, what a contract. Were they so desperately in win-now mode that he was their best option? Jeez.

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