Terrance Ferguson Career High 24 Points/2 Dunks Full Highlights (1/3/2018)

Andre Roberson is sitting in his hotel room right now surrounded by empty candy bar wrappers and empty tissue boxes, his eyes still red and sore from crying all night. When Roberson gets back from injury, he knows there will be no more minutes for him, because this 19-year-old rookie Terrance Ferguson (who skipped college to play in Australia for a season) will have taken them all away. So Roberson shook Ferguson’s hand after the game, made some excuses to leave quickly, retreated to his hotel room only leaving to raid the vending machine, and fell into a deep depression from which he will never emerge.

Since I don’t pay attention to high school prospects, nor do I pay attention to who’s tearing it up for the Adelaide 36ers, I had no idea that Ferguson had this in him. His previous high in points this season was seven, and, as the commentators noted, his three-point shot seemed to be a work in progress. If he had scored twelve or thirteen points in a game, I would have made a video and I would have thought that would be his ceiling for this season.

I want to believe this is repeatable for T-Ferg. He was Ferging Out last night for real. But if it isn’t and he doesn’t have a game like this for the rest of the season, at least we got a windmill dunk and some elevated BHL’s (Blood-Hype Levels) out of the deal.

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