Dwight Buycks 16 Points Full Highlights (1/6/2018)

If you define “Dwight Buycks Era” as “any period of time where Dwight Buycks is on a certain team and he’s playing consistent minutes”, then the Dwight Buycks Era has officially begun in Detroit. Heck yes! We get to see concurrent Dwight Buycks and Boban Marjanovic eras on the same team!

Buyck’s tenure with the Pistons didn’t get off to the greatest start, but luckily he wasn’t getting consistent minutes (or any minutes at all) so it wasn’t part of the Dwight Buycks Era. Now he’s playing, and he’s producing, and he might have a little bit of chemistry with Marjanovic. Nothing major, though. Just a little bit, enough that I think if they keep growing together we could see Stockton-Malone 0.3 with the colors reversed.

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