Gerald Green 15 Points Full Highlights (1/6/2018)

How many games until James Harden is back? Ten? About ten? I bet Gerald Green can fire up ten threes a game in that stretch. Hell, why not even more? Why not 15 per game? Eric Gordon was basically doing that with Harden still on the team, and Green has shown himself to be a chucker without compare. 15 threes per game is totally doable, hell, even when Harden comes back. Let’s do it. Let’s take this thing to the max, and then FURTHER.

Green only shot 12 tonight. That’s pretty good, but he can totally do better. They weren’t going in as well as they were the last two games, but he still made four of them, a decent percentage. Even airballs can’t stop this guy from getting those things up there.

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