Jawun Evans 12 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (1/6/2018)

OFFICIAL DTB DISCLAIMER: Jawun “Pronounced Juwan” Evans attempted sixteen field goals in this game and only made five of them. This tanked his already low field goal percentage (which is currently around 35%). I suppose when Blake Griffin is out with a cunt-cushion, Austin Rivers is MIA, and Danilo Gallinari is sidelined by another one of his injuries, there’s only one guy on the Clippers who should be taking shots, and that’s Lou Williams. Unfortunately, he can’t take EVERY shot, so some of the shot-taking load falls on the shoulders of dudes who probably shouldn’t be shooting a lot of shots. Dudes like Jawun Evans.

Remember, Jawun is pronounced “Juwan”. Stop pronouncing it wrong in your head. Also remember that he’s the next Chris Paul, if Chris Paul sucked.

I figure that Jawun’s scoring will come around sometime, but it’s definitely not there now, and if he doesn’t improve his efficiency by the time his rookie contract is up, he might have to go to China and average 40/5/5/5/1. That’s plenty of time though, so don’t worry.

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