Sterling Brown 11 Points Full Highlights (1/8/2018)

I die a little bit more inside every time Jason Terry gets put into a game. He was fine last year, could still do some things, but this year, it’s just not happening for him. He can’t score and he definitely can’t defend. All he can do is try and get the crowd hyped up by waving his arms after one of his teammates does something.

The fact that he would get into this blowout at the hands of the Pacers before Sterling Brown (or Rashad Vaughn [or anyone frickin’ else]) is strange to me. Does Kidd not see how useless he is? Brown doesn’t have the pedigree or track record, but at least he can still move around and isn’t totally outmatched the second he steps on the court.

Brown checked into the game with a quarter to go and the Bucks down by roughly 50,000 points. He played so well that the Pacers were forced to put their starters back in to prevent a miracle upset. 11 points, perfect from the field, and some steals where you wonder what the heck the Pacers were doing throwing those passes in the first place. No dunks though. Shannon would be so disappointed, but he’s busy sucking in the D-League.

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