Tobias Harris 25 Points Full Highlights (1/8/2018)

Yes. This is what DownToBuck wants. Tobias Harris being assertive and making sure everybody knows that he is the main option on the Pistons. Not Reggie Jackson. Not Andre Drummond. Definitely not Avery Bradley. It’s Tobes. Tobes is the main option. When he steps on the court, it should be “Tobes Time” and there should be no doubt in any of his teammate’s minds that it is indeed “Tobes Time”.

I see from the box-score that Avery Bradley took 23 shots. That is not okay. That is not cool. He must not have gotten the memo that Tobes is the main man on the Pistons and that if anybody should be hoisting up twenty or more shots, it should be him. Can somebody tell how Tobes could possibly up his scoring average to twenty a game if his teammates are selfishly chucking shots and thinking only of themselves? That’s right. He won’t.

I’m not going to let anybody marginalize my beloved Tobey Bear. Even if it takes bringing him back to Milwaukee.

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