Tyreke Evans 28 Points Full Highlights (1/10/2018)

Whenever the TV feed for a game randomly gets replaced by the in-arena Jumbotron feed, as it did for the clip of Tyreke Evan’s first bucket, it feels really spooky and ominous, like I’m seeing something that wasn’t meant for my eyes. It also feels like that, by me watching it and then redistributing it, that I’m doing something very wrong and very illegal. It’s like, I should only upload this video on the Darknet or the Deepweb or TOR or something because it’s got this janky clip with the PA guy yelling “TYREEEEKE EVAAAANS” with no additional commentary (just a weird techno beat).

If any NBA operatives are watching this video and preparing to arrest me, I just want to make it clear that I didn’t hack anything, I didn’t buy the Jumbotron feed from a Russian dude by using untraceable cryptocurrency , I don’t have any inside contacts at the Fedex Forum, this is just how the stream came to me.

Tyreke “Reke of Putrefaction” scored 28 points and his actions directly lead to the victory against the visiting Pelicans, but those facts are secondary to the unease and discomfort I feel right now. I didn’t hack anything. I swear. I don’t even know how to hack stuff.

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