Yogi Ferrell 22 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (1/10/2018)

Yogi Ferrell has transitioned from “small point guard” to “really small shooting guard” this season. His assists are down as he focuses more on every shooting guard’s favorite aspect of basketball: shooting. Well, at least that’s what I thought until I looked at his numbers and it turns out that his shot attempts are down as well. Rebounds are up though! That’s good.

His limited shot selection must be helping him, because he’s more efficient than last year and is now over 40 percent on threes. Times are changing to where 40 percent isn’t that special anymore, it seems like every half-decent shooter is at that mark this year, but I still think it’s impressive. Especially for a midget like him.

He hit 7 threes tonight to go with a lone free throw, a great shooting display that was reminiscent of that game he had against Portland that got everyone overhyped for him. I don’t feel like this game will do the same, not least because it wasn’t on national TV, but there’s plenty of enjoyment to be had here. 7 threes is a lot, even if it would be more of a lot back in the early 90’s.

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