Ian Mahinmi 17 Points Full Highlights (1/12/2018)

Ian Mahinmi is now in his 9th season in the NBA. That blows my mind. Part of the problem is I keep getting him combined with Kevin Seraphin, but the other part of the problem is that it seems like just yesterday that he was hitting that third-quarter buzzer-beating jumper for the Mavericks against the Heat in the deciding game of the 2010-11 Finals. He got a ring because of that jumper, and now he’s getting paid 15 million to score 4 points per game, which is actually more than he averaged during that 2010-11 season.

There is footage of that buzzer-beater available for viewing on the YouTube internet video streaming service. I will not link it here because I wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation to RickRoll you all.

Just three years ago Mahinmi was putting up games like this on an almost-regular basis for the Pacers. Something happened when he came to D.C., something bad, something that made it so that this is highest-scoring performance for them. The Wizards already ruined Kevin Seraphin; do they just not like French people?

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