Jonathon Simmons 23 Points Full Highlights (1/12/2018)

Jonathon Simmons has been in a pretty gnarly slump recently, which may have come to an end tonight, but I don’t think anyone has noticed because the Magic weren’t winning before the slump and they definitely aren’t winning during it. It’s just kind of expected on bad teams that their individual players will go through extended streaks of badness. If Simmons was on the Cavaliers or something, he’d be getting a lot of press for being a bricklayer, hell, you still hear way more about someone like Iman Shumpert than you probably should given his quality.

Now I’m thinking about if Simmons could help the Cavs, and I bet he could. He could help a lot of teams in the same way he helped the Spurs, but now he gets to be a focal point in Orlando and I’m not sure if he’d give that up easily. He’s more than doubled his scoring from last year while not playing double the minutes. MIP? Is there any rule that says the Most Improved Player has to be on a team that’s not totally garbage?

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