DeMarre Carroll 22 Points Full Highlights (1/15/2018)

Do you want to hear my opinion? Of course you do, you’re reading my video descriptions, which are basically a collection of all my opinions, which makes them just as good as facts. So, we’re in agreement that you’re interested in my opinion. Here it is:

DeMarre Carroll was such garbage while playing for the Raptors that he shouldn’t get to listen to Drake anymore.

I don’t actually know if Carroll is a big Drake fan. If you asked me, I wouldn’t be able to tell you a single song that he’s written/sung/rapped or whatever. All I know is he was on that teen TV show Degrassi and he got shot and was in a wheelchair, and that he likes to sit courtside at Raptors games and use a lint roller on his pants. That’s all I know about Drake. But Carroll might very well be a big Drake fan because it seems like most NBA players are into that type of music.

But now Carroll doesn’t get to listen to Drake anymore. He forfeited that right when he stunk it up for the dinosaur team. There are probably other recording artists of significance from the Toronto area, and Carroll doesn’t get to listen to those guys either. If he’s going to disrespect Toronto by getting paid a huge contract to play like straight booty flakes, he doesn’t deserve to enjoy Toronto’s musical output.

Luckily, Nickelback is from Alberta so Carroll can still listen to them if he wants.

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