Ersan Ilyasova 20 Points Full Highlights (1/15/2018)

As many of you know, I really like Ersan Ilyasova. There was a reason he was my logo for a couple years. But if he is the reason Luke Babbitt isn’t getting any playing time, I am willing to turn on him in an instant. Ilyasova was my past, but Babbitt is my future, except he isn’t going to be if he keeps getting DNPs even though the Hawks lick goat scrote.

Ilyasova has cooled off after a hot December, but still the DNPs keep coming for Babbitt. I don’t understand. I could maybe understand when Ilyasova was tearing it up and scoring 20-plus regularly. You want a guy like that playing 30 minutes or more per night. But that’s not how Ilyasova is right now. He’s still good, but he’s cold. Why not give someone else a chance? That someone else being Babbitt?

I don’t know what the Hawks were thinking when they put Babbitt, Cavanaugh, Ilyasova, and Muscala all on the same roster. That’s some serious redundancy right there. And not just regular redundancy. WHITE redundancy.

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