Ivan Rabb 8 Points Full Highlights (1/17/2018)

Attention potential lottery picks: do not return for another year of college if people think you might go in the top ten. Especially do not do so if you know you are going to get worse instead of better during that extra year.

It’s too late for Ivan Rabb, but maybe that advice will reach some other young player who believe in himself a little too strongly. Rabb ended up getting picked in the second round this year after regressing a bit (and getting a year older, that means a lot for NBA teams) in his second year at Cal, and has received only extremely limited playing time so far in the big-boy league.

All that hype he had from his high school days is long gone, but there’s still a good chance that he becomes a reasonable NBA player. And the first step towards that goal is scoring 10 points in an actual real-life NBA game. As you can see from the video title, he hasn’t made that first step yet, but he’s really close! With the Grizzlies being garbage, there’s no reason he can’t make that step next game or the one after that.

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