Mike Scott 18 Points Full Highlights (1/17/2018)

Here’s the deal: expert NBA watchers will note the existence of certain “advanced” stats, which are like regular stats but extremely esoteric and nearly impossible to understand. One of these “advanced” stats is something called “effective field goal percentage”, which, as far as I can discern, bears a resemblance to regular field goal percentage (which is already too much for some to understand), but more effective. I’m not going to go into the gritty details; those that already know about this would laugh at my simplistic explanation, and those that don’t would soon find themselves lost in the desert without water.

Mike Scott is third in the league in “effective field goal percentage”. That is a good thing. One thing I can say about this stat is that it is better for it to be a higher number than a lower number, that there is a sort of correlation between a higher number and being a better NBA player, and Scott’s number for this one is very high. Not the highest, but close.

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