Nicolas Batum 29 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (3/10/2018)

I think the Hornets would be in the playoff hunt right now if Nicolas “Ball Puncher” Batum wasn’t so damn inconsistent. One game he’ll look like this, hitting jumpers and making nice passes, then the next he’ll not do much except trudge around the court with a hangdog expression on his face. Consistency is hard to come by, even for the best players, but I really don’t feel like Batum is doing all he can with his talent right now.

Maybe I’m overrating him. He had a 5-by-5 once upon a time which might have warped my perception of him forever. Maybe he just sucks now and I refuse to admit it. I don’t think so, though. Bad players don’t just get 29 and 7 without even really trying.

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