Jonathon Simmons Career High 35 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (3/14/2018)

I’m not even mad that Jonathon Simmons totally went off on the Bucks, leading his team to an upset victory. I should be, and I’m sure a lot of Bucks fans are, but I’m just… blank. I’m not going to say I knew this was going to happen, but it certainly seemed like something that could easily happen to the Bucks. Nothing surprises me anymore. Losses like this will be remembered when it’s time for personnel changes. Just saying.

But this video isn’t about the Bucks, it’s about Jonathon Simmons, who went nuts for about 2.5 quarters then quieted down, preventing him from reaching 50 or even 40. He just kept hitting threes. It’s like the defenders didn’t believe he could really hit them (which is kinda true, 33 percent on the year before tonight), so they weren’t quite as quick on the closeouts as they should’ve been. I like Tony Snell, because he’s not MCW, but he got abused tonight.

As I said, I’m not even mad right now, but I bet by the time I’m done with the soon-to-come D.J. Augustin vid, the injustice of the situation will start to get to me. If that video never gets uploaded, you now know the reason: because I am too busy punching my monitor and knocking all the soda cans stacked in perilously high towers on my desk down like Godzilla in Tokyo.

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