Kelly Olynyk 30 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (3/19/2018)

The Miami Heat just hung up 149 points on the Denver Nuggets, which is a new franchise-high single-game point total. There’s two gigantic asterisks next to it where the number is in the record books, one asterisk for the first overtime and one asterisk for the second overtime, but there should be a third asterisk with the footnote “The Miami Heat scored 149 points while not having a single star player on their team”. (Ed. Note: Goran Dragic being an All-Star does not make him a star player).

Kelly Olynyk helped lead the charge with thirty points in a scoring display that was reminiscent of that time in the playoffs last season where he scored 26 for the Celtics, except this one is even better than that. In case you were wondering, no, I don’t consider Olynyk to be a star either, although if he got thirty-two minutes a game he would look more like one than he does now. Also in case you were wondering, no, my distaste for Olynyk’s gross pube beard has not lessened in any way; in fact, my disgust for that clump of wispy pubes has only grown more acute as the years have passed.

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