Troy Daniels 18 Points Full Highlights (3/20/2018)

So, Devin Booker was out for this game (I consider his injury suspicious because of the whole tanking thing that’s going on league-wide, but I’ll keep my mouth shut), and a warm body had to be found to soak up those minutes – what better warm body to use as a minutes-sponge than Devin Booker 0.2 himself, Troy “Ménage à Troys” Daniels?

I think it’s perfectly accurate to say that Daniels is a legitimate offensive threat. If you ignore him on the court, he can easily burn you for thirty points. Okay, it might not be “easily”, but he can do it if you let him get open for three-pointers. How better to replace Booker’s production than to insert an unabashed three-point chucker in his place?

Daniels is so reliant on his three-ball that I feel like Fulton Homes should donate to charity whenever he makes a shot that ISN’T a three-pointer. “Proud to own the two-point zone, Fulton Homes donates $5,000 to Suns charities.” You’ll notice that I also upped the amount of the donation because it’s absolute goddamn joke that a huge housing development company (that has made its fortunes from building vast tracts of cookie-cutter homes in the middle of a desert) can only donate a hundred bucks per shot.

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