Noah Vonleh 14 Points/4 Threes Full Highlights (3/21/2018)

Maybe this is the key to Noah Vonleh staying relevant in the league. Heck, maybe it’s the key to him STAYING in the league, point blank. Just shoot three-pointers until you’re good enough at them that GM’s think you’re a legit stretch four who can rebound and hit shots. Vonleh’s per-36 rebounding numbers have always been extremely good for a power forward, and he’s always had range out to the deep midrange, so maybe this isn’t such a bad idea for him. He can be like a dollar store version of Kevin Garnett, but with the addition of a shaky three-point shot. He’ll give you one-tenth of the scoring production for one-tenth the cost.

Man. I could totally be an agent. If any of you people reading this think you’re going to make it to the NBA someday, hit me up and I’ll make sure you get good advice. Because you know DTB advice is good advice. And then when you declare for the draft I’ll be your agent and I’ll only take, like, twenty percent of your contract off the top as fees. But you only get to be my client if you promise to play one-on-one with me and let me win.

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