Dante Exum 13 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (3/25/2018)

If Dante Exum turns out never to be a star or even close to a star like most people expected when he was drafted, that will be a damn shame. For most people, the “shame” part will be that we missed out on what could have been a special player. For me, the “shame” part is I won’t be able to call him a bust because of his injury history.

Exum has been injured in enough different ways that, if he doesn’t pan out, it will be impossible to say whether it was because he was a true bust who should have never been drafted that high, or if his career was derailed by a series of freak injuries. And that makes me mad because I like to call players the B word and I get sullen when I am denied that opportunity.

So now I’m sitting here hoping that Exum figures it out, doesn’t get injured anymore, and becomes a consistent 15 PPG scorer at some point so that I don’t even have to answer the question of “Is Dante Exum a bust?”. I also want him and Ingles to be on the same team forever and ever, just because it’s fun to have two Australians on the team talking incomprehensible gibberish to each other.

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