Quinn Cook Career High 30 Points Full Highlights (3/29/2018)

Here’s a quick rundown of how the Warriors played in this game, from my perspective:

Stephanie Lurry: No knees or ankles
Klay ThompsoneedsOtherStarsToLookGood: Too high to find the arena
Lraymond Lreen: Holding L’s
Kevin Durcupcake: Ejected for whining too much
Zaza Pabitchia: Received fewer minutes than Damian Jones
JaVale McAsthma: Wheezed his way to twelve points
Quinn “Can You Smell What the Quinn is Cookin'” Cook: Career-high thirty points, torched the Bucks for seventeen in the fourth quarter when the game was out of reach, unstoppable jumpshot, way better than Shaun Livingstupid

Cook has played well enough for the Warriors that it calls into question the intelligence of the multiple front offices that let him go, not to mention the coaches that didn’t give him a chance, the fans who dismissed him as nothing, and the teammates who failed to advocate on his behalf for more minutes. This isn’t a Klay Thompson situation where Cook needs to be surrounded by All-Stars in order to look good. Cook was cooking even with everybody injured. It follows that he could cook on any team if given the chance.

I’ll just sit over here and pretend that I knew the whole time that Quinn Cook of all people held within him the ability to score thirty points in a real-life, non-overtime NBA game.

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