Jamal Crawford 24 Points Full Highlights (3/30/2018)

I suppose it’s sort of awesome that Jamal Crawford at age 38 can still go out there and win a game for a playoff team. Then again, I’ve never really liked Crawford as a player, and when he leads to his team to victory by going full 2005 mode and constantly pulling up for long two-pointers, it just annoys me more than anything. And why did the Timberwolves even need all that help to beat the Mavericks in the first place? I would accuse Crawford of being a defensive sieve, but I don’t/will never care about defense, so my preferred reason is that Crawford wasn’t passing the ball enough to Karl-Anthony Towns. You know, the guy who just dropped 56.

The commentators could only laugh towards the end of this game as the ridiculousness of Crawford’s antics became too much to ignore. They knew how dumb all those shots were. If none of them had gone in, we definitely would have heard some passive-aggressive commentary about shot selection. Instead, there’s just a lot of confused chuckling.

When does Jimmy Butler come back?

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