Nikola Jokic 30 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (4/3/2018)

They say time heals all wounds. I don’t know who this nebulous “they” is, but they’re obviously misinformed, because it’s been 2 whole days and I’m still super salty about how the Nuggets beat the Bucks last game. Gaping wounds all over the place from that one, and they’re just as gaping as when they appeared, right after that demoralizing defeat. My saltiness is not helping the wound situation.

I was taking a break from right descriptions that night (April Fools is the only holiday acknowledged by DTB), so I didn’t get to properly express my dismay through the medium of description boxes on highlight videos. So I’ll do it now: that loss sucked, and I don’t even blame the refs, the Bucks totally choked, and I hate Jamal Murray now. I hate him a lot.

Not Nikola Jokic though. He could punch me in the face while yelling Serbian curse words at me and I’d probably rush to get a highlight vid up of the incident. He can do no wrong, except when he starts acting all non-aggressive and mopey. Those times have been less as the Nuggets make their final playoff push in the face of not-as-extreme-odds-as-before (a loss against the Bucks would’ve eliminated them, I think).

But even if they don’t make it, they have a clear blueprint for next year’s success: get rid of Paul Millsap. No one agrees with me when I say that he’s the problem, and that’s okay. Galileo’s brilliant ideas were mocked in his time too.

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