Joe Ingles 22 Points/10 Assists/1 Dunk Full Highlights (4/8/2018)

Click. Click click. CLICK.


ClickclickclickCLICKclickCLICKCLICKclick. Click.

Hear that? That’s the sound of the Utah Jazz CLICKING right now. Clicking HARD and FAST. Joe Ingles is clicking with Rudy Gobert. Donovan Mitchell is clicking with Joe Ingles. Ricky Rubio is clicking with Jae Crowder. Ekpe Udoh is clicking with the bench. Everyone is clicking right now, and the end result is that the Jazz are one of the hottest teams heading into the playoffs.

Joe “Ausso Joe” (a play on ISO Joe, Joe Johnson wishes he was still on the Jazz right now) Ingles is, obviously, a big part of his team’s recent successes. He’s a double-digit scorer now, which he wasn’t early in the season, but even better, he’s also an occasional double-digit assister now as well. A walking double-double, basically.

For some reason I’m getting some odd vibes of impending playoff disappointment from this team, probably because I don’t trust Donovan Mitchell fully as the number-one option, but the vibes could just be a side-effect the huge amount of gyros I just ate. How am I supposed to resist their deal on two gyros and fries for so cheap? Add in some dolmades and I was in Greek heaven my friends. At least until halfway through the second gyro. Oh jeez.

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