Serge Ibaka 23 Points Full Highlights (4/14/2018)

It’s hard not to think about what could’ve been with that OKC team that made the Finals. I usually do a pretty good job of keeping intrusive thoughts of potential dynasties from my mindscape, but seeing all the assorted players from that team be part of the best teams currently in the NBA is making me feel all weird. Not really sad, but wistful.

Serge Ibaka is the only one of the four not being a main guy on a playoff team. He was sorta the main guy during that stint in Orlando, which didn’t work out at all really, and now he’s just a role-player on the Raptors. The 1st seed Raptors, granted. He’s been up and down this season, earning the ire of plenty of Raptors fans, but he had a great game tonight while the “stars” got spooked by all the bright lights and loud noises.

He also got hit directly in the nards with a fastball. In fairness to Kelly Oubre, who delivered the shot, it’s hard to throw the ball anywhere in the vicinity of Ibaka’s legs and not hit some part of his package. You could aim for the knee and probably hit a significant amount of tip.

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