Donovan Mitchell 28 Points Full Highlights (4/18/2018)

Donovan Mitchell is taking his role as Utah’s primary scorer seriously. Very seriously. He is at the pinnacle of seriosity right now: 47 shots attempted over the two games, with 5 assists. Now that’s dedication!

This is the time when I would normally complain about him being a chucker, and it’s not an invalid complaint, because he is definitely chucking right now, which by definition makes him a chucker (I wish I didn’t have to use such a harsh term… maybe something like “voluminous ball-manipulator” instead…). But it seems like this is the Jazz’s gameplan, to have Mitchell try and do everything while other people fill in the gaps, and it’s kind of working. I mean, they won a game, so that’s got to mean something, right? Not a total validation of their strategy, but something.

His scoring has allowed for the creation of some nice cherry-picked stats about the players who have scored the most points in their first two playoff games. Mitchell is way up there, apparently, in this stat that everyone really cared about, ahead of Michael Jordan but way behind Lew Alcindor. Isn’t that just super interesting? Now if only the Jazz commentators could tell us how many 20-point games he has on the season. Probably way more than Darrell Griffith by now.

I forgot to complain about the total lack of jumpers in this vid, so I’ll do it now: this vid kinda sucks because it doesn’t have any jumpers in it.

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