Delon Wright 18 Points Full Highlights (4/25/2018)

I bet the Bucks could use Dorell Wright right (write) now. Heck, a lot of teams could. Who doesn’t want three-point shooting? That’s all he did. The Heat signed him for the playoffs only two years ago, and he stepped up, hitting 5 shots and ending up in a series against his little bro, Delon. I don’t know for sure if they ever shared the court, but it looks like they did in garbage time of the elimation game. This seems like a great story that has gone untold. Unless I already told it and forgot.

But this video isn’t about Dorell. This video is about Delon, stepping up bigtime for the Raptors in the fourth quarter and saving them from an embarrassing defeat to the ‘Zards (who really suck despite how good they’ve been looking in the ‘offs). DePressed and Lowsy both had good games, but Wright was the one who scored 5 straight points to give his team an ultimately insurmountable lead late in the game.

The Raptors now, basically, have him to thank for two of their three wins. Without him, this series would be OVER, forever representing a damning indictment of pro basketball in Canada, a never-fading blemish covering the entire country. But instead, things are looking pretty decent in Toronto-land, except for, you know, that thing that just happened there.

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