Jae Crowder 21 Points Full Highlights (4/29/2018)

If the Jazz want to win this series, and I bet they do, Jae Crowder has to start beefing hard with either James Harden or Chris Paul right now. No delay, there is no time for a delay. Significant beefage between him and one of the Rockets’ star players might be enough to tip the series in Utah’s favor.

We’re talking super serious beefouts here. None of this wimpy crap, not just talking, not even just minor confrontations. We’re talking Harding-on-Kerrigan levels of beef. Serious physical injuries at the least, and I’m not ruling out death either. For real. That’s definitely pushing it to “life in prison” territory, but that’s close to how intense this beef needs to be.

Think of it this way: if James Harden was comatose for the next two months, would the Rockets be able to win another game? Probably not. I’m not saying that this is the only path to victory for the Jazz. I’m just saying that it is A path to victory.

A mere 21 points from Crowder simply isn’t going to cut it. He needs to do more. A lot more, in a lot different manner.

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