Ian Clark 18 Points Full Highlights (5/4/2018)

I will never forget, as long as my corporeal form remains heaving on this cursed planet, the time Ian Clark kicked the Bucks’ ass in Summer League. This was way before he was any good, he was coming off a season with 26 made shots on uninspiring percentages, and then he just comes in and hits a whole bunch of threes while… well I can’t remember who was on that Bucks team, but I bet they were just standing around looking dumb. It sucked. I shouldn’t get invested in Summer League, because objectively that might be the biggest waste of care ever, but I do, and Clark made me so mad that day.

It pleases me that he can only get small dollar-amount contracts for short durations, because of what he did do my little Buckies.

It also pleases me when he has good games, because I am sometimes able to put aside my disdain for him and appreciate a good scoring performance by a marginal role-players. He had that sick 36-point explosion last year, which makes everything after that look sorta lame in comparison, but this particular performance is buoyed by one important aspect: the opponent.

That’s right, this is a REVENGE GAME. Officially. And not just any revenge game. A PLAYOFFS revenge game. Clark torched his former team to the tune of 18 efficient points, while Stephen Curry could barely hit a shot. Looking like the Warriors retained the wrong player, does it not?

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