Jrue Holiday Triple Double 27 Pts/11 Asts/10 Rebs Full Highlights (5/8/2018)

I was actually getting significantly hyped when the Pelicans went on an 18-2 run in the waning minutes of the game to cut the Warriors’ lead to seven. Even reliving it while making this highlight video caused by BHL (Blood Hype Level) to elevate. I would have loved nothing more than to see an arena full of bandwagon Warrior fans who paid $600 per ticket go home sad because the Jrue Holiday/Anthony Davis tandem brought the Pelicans all the way back.

It didn’t quite work that way, but Holiday got his trubby-dubby, and there were definitely a lot of anguished groans coming from those dirty bandwagoners who didn’t even realize that Ian Clark had, as recently as last season, been playing for their team, so I would characterize this as a win. Any time that home fans suffer for their hubris is a good thing for the world. Especially if it’s bandwagon Warrior fans. They deserve suffering even if it is transient.

Holiday played so well through the entire season and playoffs that I feel comfortable in stating, unequivocally and without equivocation, that he will NOT be appearing on my channel next season. Even if he regresses back to the 16/7 guy that he was before this breakout season where he was more worthy of an All-Star appearance than pretty much two-thirds of the scrubs that came out of the East. So long my man. We had some good times but mostly it was bad times because making three-minute videos for a certifiable All-Star is not my idea of good times.

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