Kevin Huerter 17 Points Full Highlights (1/15/2019)

Kevin “Butthuert” Huerter, with his seventeen points in this game, didn’t quite match the 29 points he scored two games ago to help knock off the Sixers, but the result was similar, as the Hawks beat a Thunder team that’s “allegedly” “good” while being “led” by “Russell Westbrook”. Butthuert AKA Kevin Huerant did little to dispel the notion that he is a two-shades-lighter reincarnation of Klay Thompson by shooting five of eight from tripletown.

And, even if Kevin Huerant did go, like, one of eight from tripletown instead, that would also be a very Klay thing to do. Butthuert is cursed to be an unwilling participant in these comparisons forever, I’m afraid. If he really doesn’t like it, he’ll have to start doing something different. Like passing more. Or blocking shots. Or getting into fights.

Personally, I’m fine with Butthuert being his own dude. I don’t need to make comparisons in order to validate my NBA fandom. All that does is diminish his individuality and his own personal accomplishment. However, having made my opinion on that matter clear, I do have to say that this guy is totally Doron Lamb 2.0.

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