Kelly Oubre 22 Points Full Highlights (3/10/2019)

After squandering their lead in their last matchup against the Warriors, the Suns have now beaten the Warriors fair and square on their home turf. While bandwagon fans who paid $2,000 per ticket (not to mention $30 for an oversalted “bay area chicken tenders platter”) streamed for the exits, unable to believe that their beloved championship-contending team could lose to such a lowly team as the Warriors, the few Suns fans watching on TV got to feel positivity towards the future of their franchise for the first time in a while.

Kelly Oubre was a big part of the win with his efficient scoring and the fact that he didn’t even try to punch Klay Thompson at any point. The first part of the previous sentence is incontrovertible fact, but the second part is just conjecture on my end. Who knows what’s happening when the cameras aren’t on? Oubre could have sneak-attacked Thompson in a back hallway of the arena or something. He’s been known to do crazy things like that. I would know. I’ve written a lot of words on how Oubre’s unhinged violence can be directed at other NBA players.

In any case, there appeared to be no animus between Oubre and Thompson. If there was actually unseen animus, they were wise enough to keep it off TV. The only animus I saw was the Suns’ searing animus for the Golden State players, coaches, and fans, all of whom were sent home with grimaces of defeat plastering their faces.

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