Gary Trent 20 Points Full Highlights (1/23/2020)

Gary Trent seems to be following in the nigh-unfollowable footsteps of the late great Tony Snell (who is neither late nor great, but it sounds cool so I’m leaving it) when it comes to filling up the boxscore with stats, or, should I say, filling the boxscore up with zeros. In this game, Trent had two rebounds and an assist in thirty minutes to accompany his twenty points, a statline reminiscent of some of the dangerously empty statlines that Snell has put up for his entire career. Even the point-scoring method that Trent chose was Snellesque: just shoot threes.

Usually, when I do a ctrl+f on a game’s play-by-play to find out when a player did what, the page lights up with tons of little highlighted boxes of color, indicating that the player was active in accumulating counting stats (or at least active in getting subbed in and out). When I did that for Trent, there was almost no color on the page, and the boxes of color had large spaces of nothing in between them, even though Trent was on the court during those times. I call that kind of sparse play-by-play colorization the “Snellograph”, and Trent had a very impressive Snellograph in the aftermath of this game.

But, as we’ve learned, just because you don’t put up stats doesn’t mean you can’t stick around in the NBA. Just play some above-average defense, his 40% of your three-pointers, and teams will line up to play you even if your chances of getting a triple-double are lower than my chances of ever convincing Jennifer to love me again.

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