Caron Butler 33 Points/9 Threes Full Highlights (11/26/2012)

Time for impersonations. Guess who this is:


It’s the Clippers’ insufferable and moronic colorman Ralph Lawler! Caron Butler had a devastating performance and set a record for three-pointers made by a Clipper, but it was all ruined by Lawler’s childish catchphrases and grating diction. I’m all for having fun while commentating, but spewing the same lame phrase in an exaggerated manner does not constitute “fun”. I actually recommend turning off the sound in this video and putting on your own tunes. Then you can rock out to Black Sabbath while Butler splashes triple after triple, seemingly without conscience.

Oh, and the Clippers lost, because an emasculated and neutered Blake Griffin could only muster four points on 1-of-9 shooting. Way to screw up Butler’s night, loser.

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