Marc Gasol 20 Points/2 Dunks Full Highlights (1/25/2012)

Have you seen that picture of Marc Gasol in high school? He was a total fatty. But the rolls of blubber encasing his body disguised the potential that bubbled in his veins. In between eating whole boxes of ho-hos and ding-dongs, Gasol would studiously work on his post moves and footwork, waiting patiently for the day when he was svelte enough to not get his shots viciously stuffed back in his face. To reach that point, he would first have to stop viciously stuffing PB&J sandwiches in his face, but that would come later.

The regular taunts he endured at school only fueled his fire, and more than one bully’s nose was smashed by Gasol’s unrelenting fist. Girls would have nothing to do with dorky haircut and his moobs, but Gasol’s one true love was basketball. He took a poster of Charles Barkley to prom. He dribbled to and from classes, and more than one teacher had to send him to the principal for dribbling in class. His notebooks were filled with sketches of his favorite NBA players.

Yes, it was always assured that Gasol would be a beast. But he still keeps a few Little Debbie’s Creme Pie wrappers in his locker to remind of him of what he once was. He also keeps a few in the wrapper because, damn, those things are tasty.

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