Kyle Korver 27 Points (8 Threes) Full Highlights (1/25/2013)

I love white three-point shooters. They’re my favorite type of player, because If I somehow by some accident made it into the NBA that’s what I would be. If any NBA talent scouts are reading this, please, don’t hesitate to get in contact with me.

Kyle Korver has cemented himself as one of the very best white three-point shooters. The only blemish on his career is that year he set the single-season record for three-point percentage. Why is that a blemish? Because he stopped shooting them midway through the season to get the record. Jazz fans can attest to this.

But enough about the past. What you’re concerned about is the now, and Kyle Korver just hit 8 threes in the second half against the Celtics. That’s pretty good, but it would have been useful to have some in either of the two overtimes or maybe the first half. Oh well. Just try a little harder next time.

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