Brandon Knight Career High 31 Points/Career Low 0 Assists Full Highlights (1/27/2013)

(Note: the following may make more sense if you read the description for my first Brandon Knight highlights)

Noticeable just on the edge of hearing, the dull murmur of the city broke the otherwise perfect silence of the room. Brandon Knight tossed restlessly in bed. Somewhere inside he felt he’d had this dream before…

“You have returned”

The voice rang out through the haze. Brandon could not see who had spoken. It sounded familiar, but at the same time not, like a long-lost relative.

“Who are you?”

The haze shimmered and opalesced, but refused to yield what it hid.

“Who do you think I am?”

“How should I know? I can’t see anything but this mist and you don’t sound like anyone familar. Hold on. Jonas? Is that you?”

“Why would Jonas Jerebko be here? You’re way off. You know who I am, this is not the first time you have come to me.”

“Are you… me?”

“In a sense. I have beckoned you to relay in a important message. You have come far in your journey, but this 31 point game is only the first step in unfettering yourself from the shackles of bustitude. Many more trials await. I can only offer you this advice: beware the man who arrives ninth.”

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