Dahntay Jones 11 Points/3 Assists Full Highlights (1/27/2013)

Dahntay Jones AKA “Dahntay’s Infehrno” has not had a very exciting career. I say this with confidence because my mental encyclopedia’s entry for the guy reads like this: “6-foot-five (ish). 30-something years old. Played for the Pacers for a few years. Never was all that great. For more information, see entry for Dominique Jones, since they might be the same person”. In this lovingly handcrafted highlight montage, we see the Infehrno make some pretty passes and score the ball a few times also. If he could go 4-of-5 from the field every night, he would make a name for himself before the cold jaws of old age rip him from our grasp. Instead, he will probably fall out of the Mavs rotation, never play again, and in two years nobody will remember who he was.

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