Jerryd Bayless 29 Points Full Highlights (2/5/2013)

What are the Grizzlies doing? They parlayed Rudy Gay into some decent players, okay, that’s fine, his contract sucked. The real head-scratcher is trading three decent players for a scrubbity scrubster (#FreeJonLeuer). I get that’s they want to be underneath the salary cap. But it seems like they’re being a little hasty in tearing apart a team who had a chance to make noise in the playoffs. Are they trying to become a defensive juggernaut? Because that won’t work when you have Zach Randolph.

Anyway, Jerryd Bayless had a pretty good game in his return to the bench. Highest scoring output for a Grizzlies bench player yet this season. He’s put together a nice little stretch of ball. Do I smell a 6th man of the year award?

Nope. Just my air freshener.

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