Viacheslav Kravtsov 8 Points/2 Dunks Full Highlights (2/19/2013)

Viacheslav Kravtsov has a funny name. At least to me, an American. I guess in Ukraine it’s a perfectly reasonable name. But from my point of view it’s just a mess of unpronounceable consonants. His nickname “Slava” just flows a lot better.

But who cares about his name’s abundance of postalveolar sibilants? This isn’t a treatise on Ukrainian phonology, it’s a video about his dominating performance against the Grizzlies!

Well, maybe dominating is putting it a little strongly. But he did fill in decently for the injured Andre Drummond, scoring 8 points as well as showcasing his premiere passing ability with a nice dime to Jonas Jerebko. He’ll probably supplant Monroe as the starter pretty soon. Can’t keep this guy chained up on the bench.

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