Meyers Leonard Career High 15 Points Full Highlights (3/4/2013)

I have a favorable impression of Meyers Leonard. I don’t know why. I watch a lot of Portland games, but it never seems that he plays very much? Maybe it’s because he’s white. Yeah, that’s it. I must be a racist or something.

Anyway, given my high opinion of him, it surprised me that 15 points was the highest he’s ever scored. He must not be that great. Actually, the reason is that Terry Stotts, the Blazers coach, is a lunatic who plays his starters ridiculous minutes night in and night out while his bench players rot. “I want Babbitt! I want Jeffries! I want Freeland! I want Leonard!” That should be the rallying cry of all NBA fans who love watching scrubs.

A side note intended for Nicolas Batum: You do NOT get to throw off-the-glass alley-oops until you’re up by at least 20. Stop showboating and play it safe. Pride cometh before a fall, my man.

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