Carlos Delfino 21 Points/3 Dunks Full Highlights (3/09/2013)

It’s a tragedy. Carlos Delfino is not even the most handsome man on his team. In the past, Delfino had only to compete with the likes of John Salmons and Tayshaun Prince for that title, a battle which he won convincingly and often. But this new kid Parsons, who does he think he is? With his hair artfully mussed up and his jawline perfectly chiseled out of finest granite? Delfino’s suave, exotic Latin flair is no match for Parson’s rugged hometown charm. Not even the dragon tattoo, undulating hypnotically during each three-pointer, can overcome Parsons’ easy, boyish grin.

All the fangirls out there can commence writing fanfiction where Carlos and Chandler have a shirtless hair-spray fight in the locker room and then make out. Get on it! But please, don’t make me read it.

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