Matt Barnes 16 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (3/10/2013)

People like to point out the multi-sport abilities of some NBA players. Matt Barnes was a star football player in high school, which I can believe, because he always looks like he’s ready to rough people up for no reason. Nate Robinson also played football, as the ball. Gordon Hayward almost pursued tennis instead of basketball, then pursued neither and played Starcraft instead. Kris Humphries was the second-best youth swimmer in the US after Michael “Pass The Bong” Phelps. Blake Griffin was a soccer player in his younger days; he sucked at it and it’s barely noteworthy, but he did learn how to flop from the best floppers in the world.

Anyway, back to Matt Barnes. Does anybody else really hate how his face looks? He resembles a really tiny, mean dog, although of course if I said that to his face I would be dead right now. Thank you internet for being the podium from which I declare whose faces I hate with no fear of retaliation.

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