Spencer Hawes 24 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (3/11/2013)

Poor Philadelphia. They had a rousing playoff run last year, and this year decided to put all their chips on Andre Bynum. Well, it turned out that Bynum has knees that resemble a Philly Cheesesteak more than any human joint. So that’s too bad. They really suck now, and even if Bynum came back today with bionic limbs they wouldn’t make the playoffs.

His replacement, Spencer Hawes, has been doing pretty poor lately. Just a slump, I’m sure, because he just ate Brook Lopez’s lunch and then regurgitated it and made Brook lick it. He almost got a triple-double, although some of the assists, as you will see, are pretty iffy. I feel like sometimes the scorekeepers just automatically give an assists on every made basket, even if the last pass was 10 seconds prior.

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