Tristan Thompson 18 Points Full Highlights (3/20/2013)

The NBA needs to do something about tanking. Cleveland was up by 27 at one point in the third quarter, but they lost anyway, thanks to some well-timed Luke Walton and Boobie Gibson insertions into the rotation. And I’m pretty sure Byron Scott told Tristan to cool it on the scoring after his ten-point first quarter. Here’s my ideas for fixing the tanking problem:

-Worst team gets worst pick – guarantees the Bobcats will suck for all time, which is exactly what the league desires
-GM’s have to fight in my custom-constructed deatharena for the right to ping-pong balls in the draft while the very flames of hell lick their tormented bodies
-Expand the draft to eight rounds, so teams with excellent scouting can grab some scrub from a division III school and waive him in training camp
-The four teams who lose the most games each year get relegated to the D-League; I’ve talked to my British friends and this totally works
-Remove the draft, the salary cap, maximum contracts, contracts in general, and just turn the NBA into a pro-wrestling type-thing where there are storylines and people get hit with chairs while dunking
-Oh man that would be so bad ass

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