P.J. Tucker Career High 18 Points/3 Assists Full Highlights (3/28/2013)

Fans of the defunct children’s cartoon Hey Arnold may remember a certain episode where the titular Arnold is a member of a basketball team. There is also a kid named Tucker on the team, whose dad is the coach. The team’s offensive strategy is “pass the ball to Tucker”, even though he’s a seriously unclutch dude who can’t make free throws, just because he’s the coach’s kid. Arnold teaches him the secret ninja technique of shooting his throws underhand, and they win the game, the coach institutes a team-oriented offense, everybody is happy, blah blah blah. BUT WHAT HAPPENED TO ARNOLD’S PARENTS????

Anyway, “pass the ball to Tucker” would not work very well in real life because the real-life Tucker is not all that good. We’ll just slap the “defensive specialist” label on him and call it a description.

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