Andre Drummond 17 Points/1 Free Throw Full Highlights (3/29/2013)

You know that funky rule where if a player who got fouled and gets to take free throws isn’t able to due to injury, that the opposing coach gets to choose whoever they want to take them? Yeah. It’s kind of a weird rule. Anyway, if that opposing team is the Pistons, you KNOW who’s gonna have to take those things.

Andre Drummond.

He is just a horrible free throw shooter. Worse than Shaq. About the same as Ben Wallace. Bad. I don’t know why he and other horrible brickers don’t try underhand. They might say “Well I don’t wanna look like a granny and get mocked”. But they get mocked anyway because they cost their team points every game. What is there to lose? Wilt did it.

Aside from his charity stripe woes, Drummond is still a total beast. The injury didn’t seem to slow him down, as he scored 17 points in extremely limited minutes.

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